I want to study the quantum physics of your hips. Because the switch and twist with every step gives new life to the pulse in my wrists. I want to study the whispers on your lips, memorize every kiss that I’ve missed in the twenty years on this earth that I’ve spent in your search. And there’s no diction that could quantify the friction of our skin. The nearness and the fearless nature of this bliss that we’re in. You make my head spin, flashing cheesy grins, shouting “she’s a ten.” But really, you’ve tipped the scale. And in all honesty, every other woman in my eyes seems to always grow pale. You set my lungs on fire, and then you extinguish the flames. And even with the ebb and the flow of time, you and I remain the same.

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just watched concrete try and fail to fit into this napkin holder for the past five minutes, now he’s just been standing with his front paws in it looking mad and tired



are you kidding

you named your fucking cat concrete

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Things I sometimes do to get over artists’ block.  Hope this helps!


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smashmouth was right… so much to do, so much to see


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The closing track ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ was written by Yeeun for a deceased WG fan. Yeeun was teary-eyed as she mentioned this. “She was a fan whom we [WG] were acquainted with the whole time. She came to our shows & fansigns. Her academic results were very good, she had always topped her school cohort until early last year. Nice personality, very cheerful. She fell ill with a brain tumor & died during the day of the college entrance exams. We [WG] had gone to the hospital to see her, but there was nothing else we could do. The news was a shock; there was no chance for a final farewell. It was my first encounter with a younger friend who passed away. She hadn’t even reached adult age before she died. It was devastating. I was in grief for about a month, then wrote this song. Whenever I listen to the tune, my heart always aches.”

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kai x grazia

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Jongdae for Nylon

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