You do this, you do.

You take the things you love and tear them apart
or you pin them down with your body and pretend they’re yours.

- Richard Siken, from A Primer For The Small Weird Loves (via violentwavesofemotion)

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In the dead of night
I’ll meet you in my sleep
And in the morning light
You’ll wake up next to me
Like a dream come true
I’ll take you where I roam
Then follow you back home

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parksojin | DO NOT edit

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The Neighbourhood - Baby Came Home

said she needs time to explore
she said i can’t love her no more

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I’m not interested in being easy on the eyes
I want them to flinch, think twice before they reach out their callous hands to bruise.
I want to be a constant reminder to men that not everything is theirs for the taking.

- fabiola, "for girls who aren’t interested in being easy on the eyes"    (via rabbrakha)


onico 桃山台の美容室 

〒560-0085 豊中市上新田3-2-5 第2千里ハイツ101

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